"JUST BE" Sound Healing Events

Harp & Crystal Bowls


Experience a guided meditation with harp and bowls, as you go deep into a state of relaxation and healing.

Qurban Ananda


Sedonah Sunn has a voice that soothes and confidently guides you to discover your own inner strengths.

Flute call to your Soul


Sedonah's Flute playing brings you to a state of peace where you can more deeply connect with your soul & receive the messages you have been waiting for.



Live Your Best Life!

Live your best life! That became VERY significant in your session as you played an instrument that sounded like broken glass being swept away -- VERY powerful! 

As a swimmer training to compete in the Masters Nationals at the end of next month, I especially appreciated the "effortless fish energy." Some of the music (harp, I'm thinking) felt like the sound of sunlight on water -- you know, when it makes all those beautiful rainbow squiggles on the surface and bottom of the pool.


It was very powerful and I definitely got what I set my intention for this weekend! 

Jodi 'JATO' Thornton-O'Connell, Sedona, AZ

I honor You and Your Medicine!

Thank you! The tools you gave me are priceless. I honor you and your medicine of touch and sound.

Valerie, Ojai, CA

I was able to ground myself and listen to my intuition.

Attending your Sound Healing session was the perfect kick off to my spiritual day spent in sacred Sedona. I was easily able to ground into 'I Am' with the beautiful tones of your crystal bowls, flute, drum and harp. It's was so nice to be able to be apart of a collective while traveling. I felt very welcomed!

Thank you for making my one day in Sedona part of an unforgettable experience!   

With love and gratitude always,

Linda Lacey, Washington State