Sedonah Sunn

MY BACKGROUND: 19 Years on the Spiritual Path ~~10 years playing music


Bachelor of Human Ecology - 4 year Degree  (1991-95)
Massage Therapy Certificate - 2200 hours  (2002-2004)
Craniosacral Therapy  (2005) 
Visceral Massage (2005)
Lymphatic Drainage Massage  (2004)
Reiki  (2003)
NLP Life Coaching Certificate  (2007)
Family Constellation (2006)
Reconnective Healing  (2006)
Vipassana Meditation Retreat  (2009)
​Little Flower Yoga Teacher Training (2013)
Soul Retrieval  (2012)
Psychic Healing  (2015)

Sat Nam Rasayan Healing ​(2017)

Kundalini Yoga Seva  Hacienda de Guru Ram Das  (2017)

My Philosophy


Life is simple when you simplify it. 

In the year 2000, I took a 4 month journey to Australia.  Living with only a back pack, I realized how simple life is, when you travel LIGHT.  Traveling light is not only about your things, it is also about letting go of your emotional baggage.

The quickest was I have discovered to clear the pathway for success & true happiness... is through Meditation & Music.

I thank God everyday for this beautiful life.

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My Mission

To Empower people to know their divine self and be Happy.  I do this through my Music & Presence.  



"You can only be victorious in something when you decide it is morally right for you.  Because then you have determination to fulfill your destiny." 

Sedonah Sunn



Nan Cowdrey  1918- 2013

Connected to Master Jesus & St. Germain & The Violet Flame.

Her favorite expresssion: "I am Light"