Qurban Ananda


MY BACKGROUND: 19 Years on the Spiritual Path ~~10 years playing music


Bachelor of Human Ecology - 4 year Degree  (1991-95)
Massage Therapy Certificate - 2200 hours  (2002-2004)
Craniosacral Therapy  (2005) 
Visceral Massage (2005)
Lymphatic Drainage Massage  (2004)
Reiki  (2003)
NLP Life Coaching Certificate  (2007)
Family Constellation (2006)
Reconnective Healing  (2006)
Vipassana Meditation Retreat  (2009)
​Little Flower Yoga Teacher Training (2013)
Soul Retrieval  (2012)
Psychic Healing  (2015)

Sat Nam Rasayan Healing ​(2017)

Kundalini Yoga Seva  Hacienda de Guru Ram Das  (2017)


My Philosophy


Life is simple when you simplify it. 

In the year 2000, I took a 4 month journey to Australia.  Living with only a back pack, I realized how simple life is, when you travel LIGHT.  Traveling light is not only about your things, it is also about letting go of your emotional baggage.

The quickest was I have discovered to clear the pathway for success & true happiness... is through Meditation & Music.

I thank God everyday for this beautiful life.


My Mission

To Empower people to know their divine self and be Happy.  I do this through my Music & Peaceful, Calm Healing Presence.  



"You can only be victorious in something when you decide it is morally right for you.  Because then you have determination to fulfill your destiny." 

Sedonah Sunn



Nan Cowdrey  1918- 2013

Connected to Master Jesus & St. Germain & The Violet Flame.

Her favorite expresssion: "I am Light"