Sessions to Bring Peace & Healing

Guided Meditation/ Manifestation Dream Life


Silence of mind & thoughts is an essential part of healing, inner peace and ultimate happiness.  Commitment to seeking the path of truth requires a strong foundation.

 I help you get clear through the power of  special guided meditations uniquely designed for you.  Breath work soothes your soul and provides healing. 

I empower you by asking you specific questions to help you get clear and make good decisions on your life path.

 I encourage you, throughout our sessions to ask for what you want.  I hold your vision and help you SEE the 'WAY' to get there.

Craniosacral Therapy


Sedonah works intuitively with her clients.  Having a deep connection to frequencies of energy through her years of living a meditative life, she feels she can really help people shift very quickly.  

It is her touch that heals and it is also - simply put - her awareness & presence.

During a session clients lay on a cushioned mat.  It is advised to dress in comfortable clothing.  Sessions last approximately an hour - Sedonah finishes when the energy is balanced.


Healing Sound Vibrations


These sound  journey's give you the opportunity to experience a shift in consciousness.  Most people report feeling   renewed and balanced and grounded.  A symphony of sound is woven like a tapestry bringing you into a state of deep peace.  

When the body rests - the body heals and rejuvenates.  When the body rests - the mind is at peace.

~ Harp ~ Crystal Bowls ~ Flute ~

Group sessions available:

 Private Home gatherings, offices and team building events. May add intuitive life guidance/ psychic readings.